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For the smooth preparations

A wedding portfolio will only become outstanding with proper preparation and planning. Based on my experience gained in wedding photography over the past 15 years, I have brought you some thoughts to help you through the most important sub-events with practical tasks and the possibility of avoiding minor or major mistakes. None of this is mandatory, you are free to choose what you will receive.

The document and its elements are specifically for our cooperation, please do not share it further.


CHOOSE THE RIGHT LOCATION (S)   The main focus is on you, yet the basic character of the image is determined by the environment and background. The basis of choosing a good venue and theme is where you can imagine yourself in a beautiful wedding dress and the most elegant suit. An elegant hotel, a nicely renovated castle or mansion can be a practical choice, which further enhances elegance, but a ruined, abandoned building can also look good, which, unlike the previous one, gives the dynamics of the images by building on the contrast of beauty and filth. For my part, I would be wary of parks, most of these places are bustling, so it's hard to work undisturbed. 

NUMBER OF LOCATIONS   I recommend choosing a maximum of 2 main locations, which differ in nature. For example, it is not worth choosing two mansions, because most likely there will be no significant difference in terms of background. 

DISTANCES   Since the ideal sun position for photography is unfortunately not too long (maximum 3 hours), it is worth designating locations in a region so that precious minutes and low sun position after late afternoon are not spent travelling. A simple example: Budapest frequented areas provide an excellent background, as do the narrow streets of downtown Eger, but the two are more than an hour's drive apart, which we would most likely do under the best lights instead of taking valuable pictures in one of their narrower catchment areas during this time.

RAINDAY  In case the planned day of creative photography is rainy all day, I recommend a complete rain day instead of a rain plan. It is worth planning the date in advance due to the availability of the hairdresser and makeup artist. 

ACCESSORIES   Things to remember when you go to the photo shoot at home: 

- wedding rings

- wedding bouquet

- all accessories of the wedding dress: bolero, stola, veil or change shoes (obligatory in places close to nature)

- makeup accessories (as You need)

ASSISTANCE  Feel free to bring an extra person with you to the photo shoot, who will be a constant support: in carrying shoes, holding bouquets, providing food and water, physical and mental support, :) Girl bro, best friend is the most practical choice, for guys this is not a fitting task. 

MAKEUP, HAIR   The photo doesn't properly reproduce makeup that is too solid, so think about the photo shoot in more pronounced tones. Presumably, your makeup artist has prepared more than one bride for a photo shoot: rely on her with confidence, but remind her that today she is preparing you specifically for a photo shoot! As for the hairstyle, while tighter is trendy for the wedding, take advantage of the opportunity to have a separate daily creative photo shoot: feel free to have different hair, looser and more casual.

SHOES   You don't have to wear the shoes you chose for the wedding all the time during the photo shoot! Bring a comfortable pair of change shoes so that the main shoe does not cause discomfort during intercity movements and travel. 

REQUEST   It is my express request that I have exclusive image taking during creative photography. In this regard, I count on your understanding and the cooperation of our escorts. However, I am always open to werk photos and team photos!


TIME, TIME, TIME   Calculate at least an hour for the entire preparation block (after makeup artist and hairdresser!). This should be the net time you will spend dressing, pulling shoes, putting on clothes and jewelry. All your helpers, bridesmaids should be fully prepared around you by the beginning of this block in their uniform clothes, with makeup and hairstyle ready, so that they can gracefully assist you in your dressing.

BRIDEMAIDS   In recent years, bridal preparations have consistently provided the craziest and often the most intimate images! Of course, this is only possible if the terrain and the characters in the picture are properly prepared. Invite the bridesmaids to the preparations so that they can take a few photos of you before you dress, even in a loose robe. 

ACCESSORIES   The preparation photos include photographing accessories: the wedding dress, veil, rings, wedding jewelry, shoes, perfume, garter and other small accessories. Please prepare these so I can shoot them before you shoot.


GROOMSMAN   Just as bridesmaids brighten up the preparation mood, the boys' circle comes in handy just as well: invite 2-3 friends to dress up, believe me, they will color the photos enough: a beef party together at the beginning is the best way to start the day, and they can even help you dress up if necessary. 

TIME, TIME, TIME   Calculate your entire preparation block for more than half an hour. This should be the net time you will spend dressing. All your helpers and groomsmen should be fully prepared by the beginning of this block.

ACCESSORIES   To make the preparation phase truly comprehensive, please prepare your wedding accessories and dresses before dressing: tie, shirt(s), shoes, watch, jewelry, perfume, cuffs, waist belt, etc. I like to take a few minutes to include these on their own in some pictures.


I'M INVISIBLE!   Please try to ignore me when i'm in your field of view. The basis of documentary style is not to feel the active presence of the photographer in the images. Feel free to focus on the events, the officiant, your partner, and ignore the documentation staff.

EVERYONE IS PHOTOGRAPHER   During the ceremonies, my work and its final result largely depend on the cooperation of the wedding guests. In such cases, many people become photographers, stand up and position, making the work of a professional photographer completely impossible. It should not be forgotten that by keeping your guest in their original role and not taking pictures standing up, they are honoring you. Therefore, it is advisable for the vőfély/master of ceremonies to ask the wedding party to avoid this, even before the ceremonies.

PARENT GREETING   One of the most touching moments of every wedding is when the newlyweds approach their parents and express their gratitude with a flower or a symbolic gift. Please don't do this all at once: it also divides the attention of the wedding guests, and from a photo point of view, I can only concentrate on the most expressive moments if I don't have to pay attention to two directions. The order is yours! It's a small thing, but a nice gesture to greet each other's parents as well. 

GROUP PHOTOS   At the end of the ceremonies, after the joint group photo has been taken, plan a time slot for the smaller group pictures (with parents, witnesses, relatives, friends), which guarantees that at least 1-2 pictures will be taken of everyone, where they will be perfectly visible. The time spent on this depends on many factors, but mostly on the number of people. It is a common experience that in case of 100 people it is worth about half an hour. 


DURING THE DINNER   In such cases, of course, I do not photograph the wedding party, it would be unethical and unprofessional. On the occasion of articulation events, however, I immediately put myself back on duty, like games during dinner (of course, no good vőfély does...) or toasts. 

LIGHTS   It adds a lot to the mood of the photos if, during the party, in addition to the default lighting of the venue, the lighting of the dance floor is also expanded with some decorative light and mood light. Most bands, DJs and decorators provide this equipment as part of the package or optionally. If you haven't covered this yet, it's worth asking, as they can enhance the already hilarious atmosphere even more, and they can also take much more dynamic photos. IMPORTANT: the use of laser causes irreversible damage to our cameras, please call the attention of the service providers concerned in advance to strictly ignore them!

... And most importantly, good communication is the foundation of any cooperation. If you have any questions about photo shoots, weddings, venue selection, or any idea, call me anytime, I will try to help you.

Further good organization to you, see you soon!

Kornél (Your Wedding Photographer)

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